XS National launch event

The National Launch event and exhibition opened on Friday the 26th of October at RAWspace Gallery Café, 99 Melbourne St, South Brisbane. 

Part of the RAWspace window box project, this series of 6 m long landscape photographs depicts scenes of daily life at the tip-face in Jakarta in Indonesia.
The new look XSProject website, online shop, school fundraiser and conference packages are now up and running.

Speakers at the launch event were:

• Visual Artist, Prof Pat Hoffie

• Design Theorist/Author/Sustainability Consultant, Tony Fry

Both speakers urged the audience to support XSProject and other initiatives like it.
XSProject is represented in Australia by Luminaide Pty Ltd, an Australian company which actively supports, promotes and develops sustainability in the Arts.
Luminiade supports XSProject in seeking to develop strategic partnerships and design collaborations.

Tony Fry offered that only 40% of the general population of Australia expressed any concern over environmental damage. Of that 40%, only 2% would take any action.

XSProject and Luminaide are working together to actively increase that statistic by encouraging people to get involved, take action and speak out.