XS becomes Member of World Fair Trade Organization Asia

On 7 January 2012, XSProject received formal notice that the organization had been admitted to the World Fair Trade Organisation Asia.  WFTO Asia is a regional chapter of the World Fair Trade Organization, the global leader in certifying local producers as adherents to Fair Trade standards.

The process of being accepted as a member is rigorous.  XSProject staff spent many months completing the necessary paperwork to demonstrate the commitment of the organisation to it's employees, customers, and the local community.  Once XSProject's documents received initial approval, the WFTO Asia sent a staff member to the XSProject offices in Jakarta to conduct a site visit.  The results of that process went back to the WFTO Asia board for review.  From the time XSProject started the process in March 2011 until notification of acceptance spanned almost 9 months.

Getting WFTO certification is a huge achievement for XSProject.  Although XSProject has consistently provided an above average wage, took great care with everyone associated with the organisation, and showed a strong commitment to the local community, it was great to get confirmation and endorsement from as recognized a body as the WFTO Asia.

 The ten principles of Fair Trade