1. Name: Zulkarnaen

2. Age: 43 years old

3. Job: Scavenging

4. Please describe your day. When and where do you work? When do you relax? How much do you sleep?

I leave home at 5 am every day, and back home at 5 pm. I usually just go around the neighborhood or complex nearby. I sleep at 9 pm and wake up at 4am.

5. Are you married? How many children and/or grandchildren do you have?

Married with 1 daughter, she’s 2 years old.

6. How many people live in your home? What is their relationship to you? What do they do every day?

There are only 3 of us - my wife, my daughter and I. My wife sometimes helps to wash trash plastic for XSProject.

7. What is your monthly income/wage? What is the monthly income of your household?

I got around Rp. 300.000,-/month. But for daily needs I need at least Rp. 15.000,-/day. So it’s always more money to spend than what I make.

8. How many people are financially dependent on your monthly wage?

Beside my wife and daughter, I still have to send money for both of my parents who lives in Semarang with my 7 younger brothers.

9. What other sources of income do you have?

Picking up trash plastic for XSProject.

10. Have you attended school? How many years of school have you attended? How did you learn your trade?

Yes, graduated from Elementary School in Palembang, South Sumatra. And I learn trading in Jakarta with some friends, but not in this area (South Jakarta).

11. Do you feel healthy? Do you feel healthy compared to other people at your age, in your profession?

Thank God, I feel healthy enough. And compare to others, actually I don’t know anyone who is healthier than I am.

12. How much longer do you expect to live? How many more years will you work?

As a human being, I want to live and work for as long as I live. But it’s all up to God.

13. What do you spend your money on?

I use it for food, transport, send some to my parents, and if there’s any left, I will save it. Sometimes I can save Rp. 20.000,-/month.

14. What do you do for recreation?

Just watching TV or Dangdut whenever there’s a wedding nearby.

15. Do you feel that you have a good life? Why is your life good/bad?

To be honest, I don’t feel it’s enough – I don’t have enough income for living. But I take it. Once again, it’s all up to God.

16. Do you think your family’s future outlook on life is good?

I’m very optimistic for my daughter, that she will have a much better future.

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